Cathedral High School

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Catholic college preparatory high school in the South End.


Boston, MA


Middle School, High School


Prep School, Private School, Catholic School, Religious School, Top School

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74 Union Park St Boston, MA 02118



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Cathedral High School is an urban, multicultural Catholic, college preparatory school in Boston’s historic South End serving boys and girls of all faiths from grades seven through 12. The school is rooted in gospel values, and prepares students for college and leadership for life.

The school was founded in 1926, to serve the youth of the city of Boston with the goal to “develop [them] spiritually, intellectually, and socially, and to train Catholic leaders” in the words of the founding mission statement..

Today, the school has more than 280 students from across Boston and a dedicated lay and religious faculty with an updated school facility and a rigorous college preparatory curriculum.  The school has a proud record with 100% of Cathedral’s seniors having  graduated high school and 100% having earned college admission for the last 12 years straight.

The school attributes the success of its students to a number of factors including:

  • Small class sizes allowing  students to better interact with teachers and classmates making learning more dynamic.

  • College preparation starts in middle school.  

  • The school's curriculum  includes academic literacy classes for lower grades while students in upper grades attend Princeton Review and SAT prep classes as a part of their required courses.

  • Strong community support allows the school to partner with local businesses  to offer summer paid internships to juniors and seniors.

  • A strong college guidance program provides support, and resources to our graduates all the way through college completion.

  • A strong alumni network offers frequent young alumni receptions and other alumni events providing support and networking opportunities to graduates and students.

The school complements its academic focus with after-school activities through a number of clubs including the Art club, Poetry club, Instagram club, Mock Trial club and more.

The school has 13 sports teams offered across the fall, winter, and spring seasons for boys and girls at JV, Varsity and middle school level.  This includes football, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball and track,  Athletics are seen by the school as an opportunity to develop character, teamwork and sportsmanship. Tufts University School of Medicine teams up with Cathedral to provide all Panther scholar-athletes with sports medicine services.