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Private boarding schools in the Boston area are thriving, with over a dozen schools offering a set of unique services to parents. Attending boarding school offers students some unique advantages:

Structured Environment
Boarding schools provide a highly structured environment where students follow a daily routine that includes academic study, extracurricular activities, and designated study time. This structured environment can promote discipline and time-management skills.

Immersion in \Learning 
Academics are a high priority at boarding schools, and being in an environment where learning is valued and constant can foster a deep immersion in academic pursuits. With fewer distractions compared to day schools, students may find it easier to focus on their studies and excel academically.

Community and social development
Living in close quarters with peers from diverse backgrounds encourages social interaction and the development of interpersonal skills. Boarding school students often form close bonds with their classmates, fostering a strong sense of community and lifelong friendships.



Featured Boarding Schools in the Boston Area

  • Brooks School

    Quick Facts Selective private Boarding school Location North Andover, MA Grades High School Type Boarding…

  • The Governors Academy

    The Governor's Academy is a prestigious private boarding school in Byfield, about 30 miles north…

  • Milton Academy

    Milton Academy is a prestigious private school located in Milton, MA, and serves students between…

  • Belmont Hill School Review

    Belmont Hill is a prestigious boy's school located in Belmont and offering middle and high…


Boarding Schools in the Boston Area

Belmont Hill SchoolIndependent7-12Belmont
The Newman SchoolIndependent7-12Boston
Brooks SchoolEpiscopal9-12North Andover
Phillips AcademyIndependent9-12Andover
The Governors AcademyIndependent9-12Byfield
Cats Academy BostonIndependent9-12Braintree
Walnut Hill School For The ArtsIndependent9-12Natick
Dana Hall SchoolIndependent5-12Wellesley
Deerfield AcademyIndependent9-12Deerfield
Fay SchoolIndependentK-9Southborough
Milton AcademyIndependentK-12Milton



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