• Top 10 Things to Look for in a School

    There are many great schools in the Boston area, but matching them to your family's unique circumstances can be challenging. What can be helpful is a list of 10 criterias you could use to qualify a potential school.

  • How to Choose a School - Checklist

    Selecting a school is a wonderful opportunity to match your child's personality and abilities with the just the right environment. To figure out the elements that go into this decision can be challenging. Here is a common sense checklist...

  • Sports at Private Schools

    Private Schools in the Boston area vary widely in terms of their sports offerings and philosophies. Some may focus heavily on sports as a central part of their educational mission, while others may prioritize academics or other areas. Find out more about the right match for your child.

  • Follow The Child - Maria Montessori

    It is impossible to talk about Montessori schools without mentioning its founder Maria Montessori, an Italian physician.  After observing the behavior of small children in her school in 1907, she noticed that even unruly children showed great interest in working with puzzles, learning to prepare meals, and manipulating materials Maria had designed. She observed that children acquired knowledge fro

  • Spending per Student for Boston Area Towns

    Compared with the rest of the nation, Boston area schools spend far more than the national average (about 30% more). Many factors drive this spending such as cost of living and teacher salaries which contributes about 30% of per-student spending

    Spending per student is an important factor in the quality of education but of course it is not the only factor.  Studies are inconclusive on how per-stu

  • MCAS Scores for Boston Area Towns

    The MCAS test is a statewide administered assessment tool that measures specific skills from grade 3 through 12.  High School students must pass the grade 10 MCAS in order to graduate.

    MCAS measures a student’s proficiency and assigns one of four levels: advanced, proficient, needs improvement and warning/failing.  The overall MCAS performance of a student is expressed in a single number called t

  • SAT Scores for Boston Area Towns

    The SAT exam is a standardized test used to determine a student’s readiness for college. It is an important element of an overall college application together with other factors such as grades, type of classes, extracurricular activities, personal interviews, and essays. 

    There are two SAT elements a) Math and b) Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. SAT scores for an individual element are between