Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay

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Waldorf College Prep School


Belmont, MA


High School


Prep School, Private School

Total Students

Tuition per Year


$27,800(Domestic), $32,800 (International)

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Student-Teacher Ratio

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Days per School Year

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160 Lexington Street Belmont, MA 02478



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The Waldorf High School is a private high school in Belmont, MA. It is part of the international Waldorf school movement that specializes in a college preparatory education integrated with the arts and humanities.

The school was founded about 20 years ago based on the concepts of Rudolf Steiner and the international movement of Waldorf schools. The goal of the school is to foster critical reasoning and empathy among their students with the ultimate goal of developing free, morally responsible, creative and fully integrated individuals with a high degree of social competence.

To accomplish that, the school focuses on integrating arts, crafts, music and college preparatory subject and it places great importance on discussion and collaborative learning as well as a strong teacher/student relationship.

A Waldorf education is built on the principle that everyone has artistic capacities and imagination. So the curriculum is is strongly focused on the arts which is fully integrated with learning and problem solving. Students explore a broad set of arts and crafts skills such as basketry, bookbinding, woodworking and metalworking. All students are required to participate in the music program and most students play a musical instrument and sing in the school chorus.

The humanities are an important element of a Waldorf education with the goal to establish strong cultural literacy among the students. The study of history and literature from all over the world with focus on English, American and Russian literature allows students to analyze and discuss important cultural ideas.

Science and math are another important element of a Waldorf education and that goes beyond college preparation. Through all four years at Waldorf, students are exposed to Science concepts repetitively at increasing levels of complexity and sophistication as their skills in other subjects mature.  This gives students an opportunity to integrate and reflect on important scientific concepts from different angles such as mathematics, art or the humanities.

The school offers a competitive sports program where the girls compete with other private schools in the Independent League and boys play in the Massachusetts Bay Independent League.  Soccer, basketball and running are the most popular sports. Since 1999, the teams have won several championship banners: the boys' basketball team won the MBIL championship in 2000, and the boys' soccer team won the MBIL championship four times.