Saint Joseph Preparatory High School

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Catholic preparatory high school.


Boston, MA


High School


Prep School, Private School, Catholic School, Religious School, Top School

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617 Cambridge St Boston, MA 02134



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Saint Joseph Preparatory High School is a co-educational, college preparatory high school founded upon academic excellence, personal integrity and Catholic tradition. The school is a diverse, multi-cultural and family centered school rooted in Christian gospel values.

The school was founded in 2012 as a result of the coming together of two well established schools, Mount Saint Joseph Academy and Trinity Catholic High School. Both schools had been operating successfully for over a hundred years.

The new school reflects the combined vision of these two venerable institutions by  providing a rigorous academic program, creating a close-knit community and offering a rich spiritual life.

The school embraces technology as an important element  of the Saint Joseph experience. All students receive a new iPad 3. According to the school, these devices maximize student engagement and drive critical thinking, creativity, and innovation.


Academics are an important element of the school and that is reflected in the following academic goals of the school:

  • Aspiring to the highest intellectual standards for our students.

  • A firm commitment to mastering content and the development of academic skills essential to allowing each student to reach their fullest potential in high school, college and beyond.

  • The effective integration of technology into the curriculum.

  • An emphasis in instruction to offering project based learning opportunities.

  • A commitment to design, develop and integrate a comprehensive student-centered STEAM based program.

Saint Joseph Prep offers a broad array of after-school programs through its dozens of clubs and activities. They include art and drama club, book club, choral group, leadership council, math club, science club and many more.

The Athletic Program at Saint Joseph Prep focuses on broad participation of all students.  This is accomplished by providing varsity and sub-varsity programs where very skilled as well as less skilled students find an opportunity to compete. Students are encouraged to participate in many different sports, offering students new opportunities instead of  specialization in one sports. Sports offered by the school include football, volleyball, soccer, cheerleading, cross-country, golf, basketball, ice hockey, swimming, crew, tennis and track.