Phillips Academy Andover

Quick Facts

Prestigious private boarding school


Andover, MA


High School


Boarding School, Prep School, Private School, Top School

Total Students

Tuition per Year


$44,500(Day) - 55,900(Boarding)

Average Financial Aid

$39,400 for 47% of students

Religious Affiliation




Student-Teacher Ratio

Hours per Schoolday



Days per School Year

School Website


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180 Main Street Andover, MA 01810



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Phillips Academy is a prestigious private high school located in Andover, MA. It is a selective boarding school that has been serving students for the last 230 years on a beautiful 500-acre campus, about an hour from Boston.  

School’s mission statement (partial)
Phillips Academy, a residential secondary school, seeks students of intelligence and integrity from diverse cultural, racial, socioeconomic and geographic backgrounds.
The school’s residential structure enables faculty to support students in their personal, social, and intellectual development. The academic program fosters excellence in all disciplines within the liberal arts tradition. Faculty members guide students in mastering skills, acquiring knowledge, and thinking critically, creatively and independently. The school strives to help young people achieve their potential not only intellectually, but also artistically, athletically, and morally, so that they may lead responsible and fulfilling lives...

The school’s rigorous academic program focuses on a broad liberal arts foundation in mathematics, arts, humanities and natural sciences. The Academy's extensive and rigorous curriculum and its interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach prepares students for college and beyond.

The Academy offers a wide range of classes from quick-paced introductions to progressively more abstract and advanced study, often well beyond introductory college courses. Complementing their coursework, students work with community partners both on and off campus and write and edit for student publications or get involved in student-run organisations and clubs.

With more than 300 courses, the Andover curriculum is broad and deep and includes art, classical studies, English, history & social science, interdisciplinary studies, mathematics, music, natural sciences, biology, chemistry, environmental science, physics, philosophy & religious studies, psychology, theatre and dance. Language classes include Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Russian, Spanish.

The arts are an important part of Andover life. This starts with art classes in visual art, music, dance and theatre and continues on stage and in the studio.

The visual arts program fosters artistic and creative thinking for all students not just for the most talented few.  Exhibitions by faculty and visiting artists, as well as the resources of the Addison Gallery and the Peabody Museum provide many opportunities for students to view and learn about art.

Music is an important part of the Academy's education. Students at the Academy have various backgrounds in music, from beginner to performance level. However, all students, independent of their level of expertise, can participate in instrumental and choral offerings and numerous performance opportunities. The school’s music program supports students on different levels with classes in advanced music theory and composition, a capella singing groups, and electronic music studio, or taking lessons on one of the many of instruments taught on campus.

For students interested in Theatre and Dance, the school offers many opportunities to develop skills in all aspects of performance and production. Each year students perform in six major faculty-directed productions as well as more than 30 student-created dance and theatrical shows.

Extracurricular Activities
The Academy sponsors a broad set off extracurricular activities, either after school or on weekends. This includes many traditional events such as the Blue and Silver Dance, Casino Night, and Abbot Cabaret, as well as numerous social, cultural, and educational events. The school has more than 80 student-run and faculty supported clubs and organizations in many areas, such as math, science, philosophy, arts, community service, economics, environmental, health, language, multicultural, music, politics, law, radio religious special interest, sports and games.

The Academyl provides a rich set of athletic offerings at many levels of skill.  This includes varsity sports, as well as various athletic activities, such as intramural team sports like basketball and soccer, to individual activities like yoga and dance.

The school offers 31 interscholastic sport offerings, many with three levels of participation, including football, soccer, basketball, hockey, cross-country, squash, indoor track, swimming, diving, nordic skiing, wrestling, water polo, volleyball, baseball, crew, lacrosse, softball, tennis, track and field, cycling, golf and ultimate frisbee.