Milton Academy

Quick Facts

Prestigious private boarding and day school


Milton, MA


Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Kindergarten


Boarding School, Prep School, Private School, Top School

Total Students

Tuition per Year


$39,000(Day) - 45,520(Boarding)

Average Financial Aid

$35,000 for 29% of students

Religious Affiliation




Student-Teacher Ratio

Hours per Schoolday



Days per School Year

School Website


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170 Centre St Milton, MA 02186



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Milton Academy is a prestigious private school located in Milton, MA and serves students between kindergarten and 12th grade. The academy is a college preparatory school known for its strong academics and broad based programs. Students can either board at the school or live locally.

School’s Mission statement...        
Milton Academy cultivates in its students a passion for learning and a respect for others. Embracing diversity and the pursuit of excellence, we create a community in which individuals develop competence, confidence and character. Our active learning environment, in and out of the classroom, develops creative and critical thinkers, unafraid to express their ideas, prepared to seek meaningful lifetime success and to live by our motto, “Dare to be true.”


The school has a strong academics program based on student exploration, collaboration and interdisciplinary projects.  

In the lower grades children are encouraged to learn at a natural pace of childhood with emphasis on play. The focus is on discovery in a number of subjects such as science, literature, social studies, mathematics, the performing and visual arts. Children learn to have an age-appropriate nuanced understand of these subjects .

Middle School academics is focused on growth, incorporating the curiosity, boundless energy and increased sophistication of each student. Increasingly students are given more responsibility and independence.

In the Upper School learning becomes more discussion-based instead of lecture-based and intense conversation in the classroom is encouraged. Students are helped to develop analytical and critical thinking and are encouraged to express their ideas.  The course work in general is advanced and many classes that are not labeled as AP, are in fact above AP level. For students with special interests, there are a wide range of electives available.

After-school Programs
The Academy offers a broad range of age-appropriate after-school activities. In the lower grades this includes French, Spanish, Chinese, chess club and knitting as well as music lessons and ice skating.  In the upper grades a broad selection of after-school enrichments are available in the form of clubs, including arts, improv, debate, film, meditation, investment, entrepreneurship, outdoor, robotics and many more.  Many cultural groups can be joined and community service offerings are available to students as well.

Arts and Music

The arts are a popular and important part of the Milton experience. 

Milton’s music program starts in the lower school where students are exposed to the basics of  rhythm and pitch and the children are allowed to explore and experiment with different instruments.  In the upper grades, the school offers opportunities for both experienced and inexperienced students with choral, instrumental and jazz classes as well as courses in music theory and history. Students may also take private lessons for credit from professional musicians in the greater Boston area or study at the New England Conservatory.

In the performing arts, students start to work as early as kindergarten on performing and public speaking, culminating in a 5th grade play.  Courses are offered on a range of subjects including theatre, dance, speech and debate, theatre design and multimedia.  Many performance opportunities are provided throughout the year.  

In the visual arts, lower school children play and discover through traditional and non-traditional art materials including woodworking. Emphasis is on process, more than product.  Starting in the middle school, more importance is placed on doing and producing art as well as developing different art expressions and materials.  Classes are available in many visual art areas, including studio art, photography, film, printmaking, photography, sculpture, ceramics and architecture.

The Academy provides a broad selection of age-appropriate sports activities. Starting in 6th grade, the school offers interscholastic and intramural sports as well as physical education courses.  Students have the opportunity to join a team or learn skills in a variety of sports in the school’s intramural program and physical education courses.

Fall sports offered include, football, soccer, volleyball, field hockey, cross-country. Winter sports include basketball, hockey, squash, swimming and wrestling. Spring sports include baseball, softball, lacrosse, sailing, golf, tennis  and track.