Catholic Memorial School

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Catholic college preparatory school for boys


West Roxbury, MA


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Prep School, Private School, Catholic School, Top School

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All Male

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235 Baker St West Roxbury, MA 02132



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Catholic Memorial School is a Catholic college preparatory boys school located in the West Roxbury neigborhood of Boston.  The school provides rigorous academics for boys rooted in the Catholic faith.

School’s Partial Mission Statement...
Here at Catholic Memorial our boys engage and learn in a chemistry lab, on the football field, on stage, or by serving in a homeless shelter. These settings help our students develop character, expand their mind, and deepen their hearts. Under the direction of our caring faculty and with dedicated reflection, our students grow to be Christian gentlemen who are filled with poise, confidence and compassion.   

The school offers an academic program centered on the wisdom of the Gospels and the liberal arts. The curriculum is rigorous with a choice of 20 advanced placement, honors and accelerated classes in each discipline. Additionally, there is a campus ministry and opportunities for service-learning programs.  Students have been accepted by many selective colleges.

The school’s the curriculum includes Theology, English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, world languages, computer science, fine arts and physical education. Languages offered by the school include Latin, Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese,

The school offers a comprehensive art education with many classes, such as  fine art, music, studio art, digital arts, cartooning and computer graphics. Additionally, there are many opportunities in the performing arts, including a school choir, a jazz ensemble, a chamber ensemble, a drama club, a spring concert and a spring musical.

After-School Activities
The school offers a broad set of after-school activities through over 25 clubs. These include a literary magazine and clubs for latin, math, robotics, arts, athletics, chess, bowling skiing,  arts, drama, guitar ensemble and photography.

The school provides opportunities for all students to play sports on many different levels including, middle school, junior varsity and varsity.  Sports offered include cross country, soccer, football, golf, basketball, hockey, indoor track, swimming and wrestling.