Brooks School

Quick Facts

Selective private Boarding school


North Andover, MA


High School


Boarding School, Prep School, Private School, Top School

Total Students

Tuition per Year


$42,450 (Day) - $55,560 (Boarding)

Average Financial Aid

$40,115 by 25% of Students

Religious Affiliation




Student-Teacher Ratio

Hours per Schoolday



Days per School Year

School Website


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1160 Great Pond Road North Andover, MA 01845


( 978)725-6300

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Brooks School is a selective private boarding school located in North Andover, MA. The school serves students between the 9th and12th grades and provides a broad education with high academic standards. The school is located about 35 miles from Boston on a beautiful 251 acre campus.

School’s Mission Statement
At Brooks School, we seek to provide the most meaningful educational experience our students will have in their lives.” John Packard, Head of School, says it best: “Our mission is inspirational, aspirational, and enduring.” There is no greater evidence of John’s commentary than the fact that every member of our school community knows the mission of the school. At Brooks, our mission is alive.

The Brooks curriculum provides students with a broad-based academic experience in preparation for college. Students are encouraged to discover where their passion lies and keep their future career options open as long as possible. Helping students to prepare for an optimal college placement, the school focuses on a broad curriculum that includes complete courses in all three basic sciences (physics, chemistry and biology).

The core curriculum of the school includes arts, languages, mathematics, health, history, sciences and theology.  Many of the programs are offered on multiple levels, allowing students to choose classes that are appropriate for their abilities.

The school requires students to study at least one language among the choices of Chinese, Spanish and French and students may apply for a Year Abroad program to study in another country such as Spain, China, France, Italy and more.

Although the curriculum is demanding, the school gives ample support to students with their Learning Center.  It provides general academic counseling and helps with study and organizational skills development, time management help, writing support and learning styles education as well as some tutorial support,

Arts are an important element of the school’s program. Students are encouraged to explore, create and broaden their vision through engagement with music, dance and visual arts.  

The visual arts program is grounded in foundational processes and techniques using different materials such as clay, paint, pencils, found objects, cameras and film. Students learn the necessary skills to manipulate elements of design, composition and color theory.

Students work on three main theatre productions each year as well as smaller showcases during  the year and in dance, there are two performances in fall and spring terms. From improvisational and stand up comedy to class scene presentations to the Musical Cabaret, Brooks theatre provides an opportunity for every student at every level.

Brooks offers a diverse selection of music courses and activities. This includes cappella groups, choirs, instrumental ensembles, jazz bands, a chamber ensemble and three different rock bands.

Afternoon Program
The school’s afternoon program offers students many opportunities to explore new activities including team activities such as interscholastic sports, drama, theatre tech, dance, community service and sailing. Other activities offered are yoga and a fitness club.

Brooks participates in the Independent School League, which consists of 16 schools of approximately the same size and athletic strength.  The school has 45 teams in 14 different Interscholastic sports, including baseball, basketball, crew, cross-country, field hockey, ice hockey, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, squash, tennis and wrestling.  Teams have won many regattas and championships in crew, soccer, squash, hockey and other sports.