Boston Trinity Academy

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Christian school with high academic standards.


Boston, MA


Middle School, High School


Prep School, Private School, Religious School, Top School

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Boston Trinity Academy is a nondenominational Christian college preparatory day school located in the Hyde park area of Boston. The school has a strong emphasis on academics and faith and is somewhat selective with an acceptance rate around 40%.

Boston Trinity Academy opened its doors in September 2002. The goal of the founders was to create a rigorous college preparatory school founded on the principles of the Christian faith that is accessible to students from all neighborhoods, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Today, Boston Trinity has over 200 students and it strongly pursues its mission to help its students to obtain excellent  academic ability, strong character, an educated faith and a concern for social justice. According to the school, every student who attends the  school is known, loved, respected, and challenged. The ultimate goal of the school is for graduates to leave prepared for college and life beyond.

The school’s motto is VIA, VERITAS, VITA, the way, the truth, and the life, describes  how the school integrates  faith, learning, and service in its curriculum.

The Middle School focuses on teaching basic  skills and knowledge in every academic discipline including:

  • direct teaching of grammar, in both English and a foreign language

  • structures for writing well-organized essays

  • the essentials of scientific thinking

  • methods of research

  • rules for public speaking

  • regular memorization

  • close reading of texts

These basic skills are used as the means toward the goal of enabling students to think deeply and creatively,  ask thoughtful questions and strive to discern what is good and true

In the Upper School, Boston Trinity Academy provides a rigorous and well-rounded college preparatory education, grounded in the liberal arts tradition. Students are encouraged to  explore the standards of truth, beauty, wisdom, and goodness in a curriculum that integrates faith with learning.

Students at the school are encouraged to participate in both the visual and performing arts as part of the Visual Arts academic curriculum or in after-school programs.  In the performing arts, the school facilitates dramatic productions and choir.

Every Boston Trinity student, takes part in its athletics program as part of a well-rounded education. Sports are offered during three seasons each year and some students participate actively in all three. Sports include Soccer, Cross Country, Basketball, Tennis, Softball and Lacrosse.